The Importance of STEM Engagement to COSPAR 2021

STEM education is critically important for Australia, as over the past decade there has been strong demand requiring workforce skills in STEM areas, while at the same time there has been a fall in students studying these subjects at school or university. Young people are fascinated and inspired by space and space research. COSPAR 2021 is making a deliberate effort to reach out to and motivate young people to pursue STEM careers to contribute to Australia's evolving high-tech economy.

How you can connect with COSPAR 2021

Alongside the research conversations is COSPAR-K, the dedicated STEM Park featuring interactive experiences and activations for students, using space to ignite passion in our future thinkers and leaders. A plethora of opportunities are available for students, teachers and parents to explore activities while developing their individual passions, creativity, interest and purpose.

With the world of space research coming to Australia at that moment, the opportunity to stimulate the public and inspire the next generation of science and technology talent through exposure to space is enormous.

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