Program Overview

The theme of the 2020 Assembly is Connecting Space Research for Global Impact and Australia stands to use the Assembly to help deliver such impact at a time when Australia’s space sector, assisted by the new Australian Space Agency, is rapidly gathering momentum.

The Mission of COSPAR is first and foremost Service to the International Space Science Community, in their pursuit of a vibrant international space research effort, conducted without impediment from geopolitical tensions or differences. The space science community, in turn, is dependent upon the space programs of their nation or region and thus the Mission of COSPAR includes Service to Developed Space Programs and Service to Developing Space Programs.

This is particularly relevant to Australia - the Assembly represents the next significant aiming point for Australia to showcase our space sector growth, with particular emphasis on research and innovation to support industry and worldclass space science, in the context of what by then will be a young but rapidly maturing Australian Space Agency. Australian space activities will be showcased to the world of space research. This will lead to strengthening existing and growing new ties between Australia and international partners, resulting in collaborations and partnerships that will assist both the innovation and industry parts of the sector.

The timing couldn’t be better. COSPAR 2020 is being held during National Science Week in Australia, when the nation celebrates science through hundreds of public events across the country. With the world of space research coming to Australia at that moment, the opportunity to stimulate the public and inspire the next generation of science and technology talent through exposure to space is enormous.

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration opens
19 August 2019
Abstract Submission opens
19 August 2019
Exhibition Early Bird closes (Discounted rates)
16 December 2019
Deadline for Abstract Submission
23 February 2020
Abstract acceptance notification
15 April 2020
Early Bird Registration closes
16 May 2020
Presenter / Speaker registration deadline
16 May 2020
Accommodation booking deadline
1 July 2020

Keep up to date

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