Only your short summary video is due NOW.

6 Steps to Recording your Presentation Short Summary Video

1 Decide how you want to record your presentation
We suggest using Zoom with video and presentation tools. Using Zoom will allow you to the option to share your screen and sound, play videos and show PowerPoints etc.
2 Prepare your presentation content
Select your method of recording depending on whether you have a PowerPoint or video component to your presentation
3 Prepare to record your presentation
We suggest checking your computer settings and using a headset with microphone
4 Record your short summary presentation video
5 Submitting your pre-recorded presentation
Upload and save your files to a file sharing service (dropbox or wetransfer or equivalent) so they can be sent through the presentation portal
6 Register through the presenter portal that has been emailed directly to you
Please make contact with if you do not have your login details

See the full instruction guidelines here.

Required Now

We appreciate that the File Transfer can we a little complex. We have provided this section of the video from the 5-minute point in various languages for you to read and refer to if required.

English French German Mandarin Russian Japanese Dutch Hindi

1 Pre-Recorded short summary video presentation MP4 file (3 or 6 minutes as per your acceptance)
Why? The 3-minute video, is required now to build a profile of you as a speaker, in order to better present and share your research . The video “teaser” is to entice other attendees to attend your talk.
2 Speaker photo (high resolution minimum 300dpi) and biography (100 words)
Why? This will be used to build your online profile and promote you throughout the Assembly. The photo and bio are not mandatory. However, they will add to each individuals profile to the rest of the world.

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